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September 2016 minutes

Baronial Meeting September 2016
The Westermark Monthly Baronial Meeting, Wednesday September 21st, 2016: 7PM @ Harry's
Hofbrau, 1909 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063.
In Attendance:
Item #1: Officer Spiels
Baron: William Warren: Madness was good!
Baroness: Sabrina de la Bere: All is Mad!
Senechal: Joel the Brewer:All is Well!
Exchequer: Michael of the Westermark: We have $845.67 and in the other account we have
$325. Also, we collected $601. at Madness. Jeffery of Jarrow will be the next Exchequer.
Herald: Kean de Lacy: Not Present. We need to look for a new Herald.
Constable: Balin the Hunter: No deaths, no paperwork.
Marshall: William Warren: All is Well!
Chronicler: Verina of Nova Roma: All is Well!
A&S Minister: Aurelia D'Ouessant: Not Present. We need a new A&S minister.
Chatelaine: Linda of the Lakelands: There was a new person, Corwin MacGregor at Madness.
We hope to see more of him.
Gold Key: Kasey the Knife: Not Present.
Webminister: Casey the Archer: Not Present. She may miss the next couple of meetings.
Archery Minister: Lu Tao-Ying: There were great times at Madness! It was good to have the
archery positioned near the fighting, so the archers could view the fighting.
Financial Committee:
Also Present: Jeffery of Jarrow, Tadgh Mac Murchadha, Sean the Archer
Item #2: Upcoming Events
Every Tuesday Night: Fighter Practice, aka “Hitting My Friends With Sticks”.
Item #3: Madness 2016:
It was a great time! About 70 people attended. There was no theme, but perhaps this was not
Item #4: Madness 2017 Discussion and Dates: We have the date for next year's Madness set as
September 16th. We would like to have the site in Half Moon Bay again. Sean will ask about this.
There was some interest in camping there, but this may not be possible at that site. Configuration
of the tents was discussed. Perhaps we can have a handout next year, to help with the timing. We
would like to have one more privy, if it does not eat into the budget too much.
Item #5: Baronial Business from the Kingdom:
There have been some changes in the law. Joel will work with the senechals on this to see how we
will be affected.
Item #6: New site for meetings: It is possible that we may be able to use the
Redwood City Library for our meetings, but we can't get a reservation until the new year.
Someone must have a San Mateo Library card to be able to use the library. Tadgh and Verina each
have a card.
Item #7: New Business from the Populace
A great many loaner arrows were lost at Madness. We will supply Ying $150. to replace these
arrows. This expense was voted on and passed. It would be great to have a work party to help in
making these arrows.
At least two poles for the Baronial sunshade need replacing.
We need another work party to make these poles as well as much needed flags. The date is TBA.
All must be done by March of 2017.
The Traditional Closing: “Oh Westermark, your Forests . . .”