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Upcoming Agenda

Item #1: Officer Spiels

Baron: William Warren: 

Baroness: Sabrina de la Bere: 

Seneschal: Joel the Brewer: 

Exchequer: Michael of the Westermark: 

Herald: Kean de Lacy:

Constable: Balin the Hunter

Marshall: William Warren: 

Chronicler: Verina of Nova Roma: 

A&S Minister: Aurelia D'Ouessant:

Chatelaine: Linda of the Lakelands: 

Gold Key: Kasey the Knife: 

Webminister: Casey the Archer: 

Archery Minister: Lu Tao-Ying:

Financial Committee: 

Also present: 

Item #2: Upcoming Events


Item #3: 


Item #4: 


Item #5: New business from the Populace?

Traditional closing "Oh Westermark, your Forests.."